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We pioneered blockchain anchoring


Your data is secured by the most powerful network in the world


Nobody can access your data. We just extract a cryptographic identifier and publish it into the blockchain


The Bitcoin blockchain is private but fully disributed: anyone can access it from anywhere

Global Validity

Our certificates are independently verifiable by anyone in the world

Forensically Auditable

Blockchain-based hashing and time stamping ensures irrefutable evidence of the existence and the integrity of data

Marco Santori

Partner @ Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP.

I believe that blockchain technology can be a powerful evidentiary tool

Blockchain technology like Stampery can change the way that companies think about their middle-and back office. Today, they can be centers for liability and risk. Errant employees, misapplied retention policies, and even just the simple passage of time can corrupt business records. The Blockchain can ensure that changes in state are tracked, recorded and sometimes even prevented. From the perspectives of investigation and e-discovery, this can be a powerful evidentiary tool.


The databases used by Stampery (the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains) are secured by a network of thousands of computers distributed around the world. Each one of these computers commits its computational power to make these databases secure and immutable. This is the most powerful computer network in the world! There is no supercomputer on Earth that could provide enough power to hack this database.


Is any of my data publicly visible? No, we use cryptography algorithms to register just a unique identifier of your data and we embed such identifier in the blockchains. There is no way to reconstruct the content from any identifier because we use one-way cryptographic functions (hashes).


Both the Bitcoin and the Ethereum blockchains are fully distributed, permissionless and transparent: anyone can access them from anywhere in the world. While the content is not stored in the blockchains, the proofs of the integrity, existence and ownership of such content can be independently verified by anyone, whether it be a sysadmin, a judge in court, a digital forensic or a lawyer. Also, these proofs will remain stored in the blockchain forever, even if Stampery disappears.


Authentication systems used to be local. With Stampery the properties of the tracked data can be independtly verified from anywhere in the world, even if the data is spread internationally among many organizations.